Have you ever tried, tasted or done something for the first time and wondered how you lived your life up to that moment without it? Well, that is the best and only way I can describe how I feel about my menstrual cup.  

Periods are not something we like to talk about and so often we don’t. We just kind of try figure it out as we go, and if we are ever daring enough to try something new, we do, without much hoo-haa about it, because ” Aint nobody got time for that!”  

But hear me out. I recently made a switch to using a menstrual cup from using tampons for my period and I cannot express how amazing it has been. I don’t know why I didn’t know about this sooner, but I’m glad I made the switch. I wasn’t unhappy using tampons, I always have, and my period has for the most part been regular and not too inconvenient, apart from the migraines that come with them, so I didn’t ever feel the need to look for alternatives.

However, as I began to question what was in the products I use, and what I put in my, or exposed my body to, I began to wonder if super bleached cotton was potentially seeping toxins into my body over the years. Not to mention the waste using tampons creates; if we do some quick math, that’s 4 tampons a day, 4 days a month, 12 months a year. That’s 192 tampons a year! 

That means that since my first period, I had used about 3072 tampons. That is a little crazy if you ask me. Considering you can use each cup for up to 5 years; so that’s about 1000 tampons. Considering this, it was an easy switch for me. Physically, it was a little bit more work, but by the second cycle, once I had mastered “the folding” it wasn’t cumbersome at all.

OrganiCup has a great video: How to use a Menstrual Cup – In-depth Instructional Video some other brands to consider are DotCup ( I love the black cup), Lunette Cup, DivaCup (this is what I have) and if you are in Zambia check out Chic Cup distributed by Chicashana. I recently gifted my sister’s Chic Cups for Christmas, and it was a pleasure to make the purchase through Chicashana. 

Using a menstrual cup has given me much more freedom during my period. I feel empowered and safer knowing I am not exposing myself to harmful chemicals. It is also convenient, saves me time and money and is easy to keep, use and clean.