Reusable Face Mask Tutorial & Pattern

Reusable Face Mask Tutorial & Pattern

The current COVID-19 pandemic is sending the world into a panic frenzy as communities resort to social distancing and nations limit travel in an effort to contain the spread. In many places, like here in Thailand, masks are running out almost everywhere. Last week I helped one of my neighbours sew 20 of a thousand masks which were going to be donated to a local hospital. A few people then asked me for a pattern, so I thought it would be good to make one and share the love. So here it is…

While it is important to keep yourself and other safe and protected during these times, we also need to consider the planet, which is, and will still be our home once we get past this global crisis.

Surgical masks are still the most protective barriers, but since they are single-use they create a lot of waste and have been reported to be washing up on beaches across the region.

I wanted to see if there were any good sustainable alternatives to single use masks.

On doing some reading and found this article that compared various materials for making D.I.Y face masks and rated them based on effectiveness and breathability. Cloth masks made from a cotton blend can be quite effective and reducing exposure to the virus, and they are also breathable. The article suggests using pillowcase and cotton t-shirt material combination.

I created a D.I.Y reusable face mask sewing pattern which allows for the insertion of a filter which makes it great for long term use and for both those who may be sick, or just trying to keep themselves protected. You can insert a folded paper towel, a dried wet wipe, a surgical mask or a filter cartridge if you want to add extra protection. To sew the pattern together, I made a sewing instruction sheet and I am working on creating a video tutorial too.

Here is the sewing how to in 5 steps:

I hope that these resources help you and your family stay safe, healthy and protected during this global pandemic.

Stay Healthy, Stay Amused.

A Jar Filled with Gratitude

A Jar Filled with Gratitude

Being Thankful & Greatful

As the new year rolls in and everyone’s good vibes, hopes and aspirations for what is ahead take front and center, I have had a pretty rough year but I plan to make 2020 a year of thankfulness and gratitude. I’ve got a lot to look forward to but there are also numerous things that are yet unknown and often bring on a paralyzing sense of anxiety; I am choosing to focus on the positive, so here goes. 

Each week you drop a note of something you are grateful for that week and at the end of the year you should have 52 positive things to look back on. I really like the idea because far too often we spend so much time beating ourselves about the stuff we haven’t accomplished and don’t give ourselves credit for the things we have done. I decided to personalize my gratitude jar and hopefully, this can be a tradition I keep with me going forward. 

I got this effect pen set from Tchibo on sale.

Here is a step by step picture series of making my jar.

You will need: 

  • A large jar
  • Print out of gratitude artwork in a font you like
  • Pearl marker
  • Tape and a pair of scissors

Step 1:

Print out and cut out the font you want on your jar to help you trace over… unless you are confident and happy with your own handwriting. 

Step 2:

Tape it on the inside of your jar so you can trace easily. 

Step 3:

Using your pearl markers trace the lettering on to the jar and wait until its fully dry. (You can check this by pressing on it with a paperclip or another hard but blunt object)  

Step 4:

Go and be grateful! Happy New Year. 

Stay Amused