Hello family and friends, thank you for visiting my blog and this special page on which I will share weekly updates of my pregnancy journey till week 40 and maybe beyond. I plan to share an update each Sunday with highlights of the week past and I hope you can follow along and enjoy this journey to motherhood with me. 

Stay Amused! 

Week Seven

April 06 – April 12 

If I had to pick a word for this week, I think this week could be described as… hold on, I’ll be right back, I need to go pee… that was my whole week summed up. A LOT OF PEE! I usually drink my 2L of water everyday so I’m not a stranger to having to frequent the bathroom often, but this week that was amped up. For example I usually wake up once or twice a night to use the bathroom between going to bed at 10pm and being up at 6am. This week it was a minimum of 3 times a night, and that was even after I reduced my liquid intake in the evenings. I guess things are happening on the inside and there is less space to hold my pee. Other than that it’s been an okay week, nausea is bearable, still feeling exhausted most of the day despite not really doing much. Emotionally it has been I bit more difficult than normal, but I suspect that may also have to do with a reduced dosage of my medication and everything going on in the world with the COVID-19 pandemic and being on lockdown. I miss people watching in cafes, but I guess for now I can daydream of baby feet.  

Baby AZ’s Highlights this week

Baby AZ is the size of a raspberry this week, and it’s interesting to think of how tiny he/she is, but also how fast he/she is growing. I guess this week true to being the size of a raspberry, it’s been sweet with a bit of tangyness.

Week Six

March 30 – April 05 

I found out I was pregnant last week as I missed my period, and although I had cramps, a slight headache and tender breasts, as I do with my monthly period, this time everything was a little more intense, different this month. So we went in to check and voila, a little dark spot on my scan that will soon grow in to baby AZ. Other than that, I was feeling normal, until this week begun literary “by the book” – Week Six = Morning sickness. One week in to it and I can tell you sincerely, I am not a fan, I feel awful.

I have been reading as much as I can without scaring myself in to bed rest and I have figured out that if I eat as soon as I wake up take my vitamins and medication, I can make it through the day, for the most part. Peppermint tea, ginger candy and really cold water are all helping. 

Baby AZ’s Highlights this week

Hello from a 0.65cm baby AZ as he/she will be called because we have decided that their first name will begin with an “A” to give them a fair chance at class register woes of having Zebron for your last name. AZ is about the size of a Smartie or blueberry and has a tiny heartbeat, while he/she forms its vital organs.